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Thousands of Children in Toledo Need Help

There’s nothing worse than being a parent and learning that your child is facing life-threatening or life-changing disease or injury. Thousands of families in the Toledo area are living through this unimaginably difficult reality, and the Cody Ickes Agency is announcing a local campaign to provide direct assistance to families in our area with children that are sick, injured, or cancer-positive.

Ambassadors for Sick and Injured Children

The The Cody Ickes Agency is a dedicated member of the #AgentsofChange network, and we have recently taken on the role of Regional Ambassador. Our primary focus will be on assisting the families of children who have cancer or are undergoing treatment for similarly challenging diseases or disabilities, and we will also be working to support ongoing efforts to raise funds for research into potential cures and new pediatric treatments for these diseases.

There are many children in our area in need of assistance, and we need your help if we’re going to reach them all.

YOU can help

We don’t need you to send us money, but we do need you to invite your friends and family members to come and visit the Cody Ickes Agency in Toledo. We will happily offer them a free consultation on insurance, and then we will make a contribution to a local initiative that is actively working to provide support to families of disabled, ill, and injured children.

Join us!

It’s that simple. Send in a friend, and generate a donation to help local children.

There are many children who need our help, and we can’t reach them all without you. We hope you join us.


Cody Ickes

The Cody Ickes Agency

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