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Meet Our Team

Cody Ickes
Agency Owner

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I have been an Agency Owner at this existing location for over a year. Although this agency has been at this same location for over 20 Years. Even though I have been in the Toledo area for quite a while and now call this beautiful city home, I grew up in Fostoria, about 1 hour south of Toledo. I attended the University of Toledo and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in May of 2015. We are excited to be a local trusted advisor in the Toledo area.


Amy Martens
Licensed Sales Producer

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Shayna Krasula
Licensed Sales Producer

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Jared McElmurry
Licensed Sales Producer

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Christina Courtney
Licensed Sales Professional

I have been working for many in the service industry, I immensely enjoy helping others.  I was born in Miami Florida but moved to Perrysburg Ohio when I was 5 and have been here ever since. I began my career in education teaching preschool which is what I received my degree in. One aspect that I incredibly enjoy most about my work is  I love the fact I can talk to people and build relationships with our customers. If they have any concerns or issues, I can help them. I hope to contribute by building a relationship with them, and they know that the Cody Ickes Agency is here for them. In my time away from the office, I cherish my time spent with my children. I have two of them, they keep me going. I love being with family and friends. My family and I live an active life we are always doing something every weekend, concerts, parties, you name it, especially in the summer. In addition to my work, I am also a  board member for a charter school in Toledo. I also volunteer at my church. I am very active in giving back, as I have said I am passionate about working with people, especially children, I consider myself an advocate for them. I am also a committee member for my son’s cub scouts, and I volunteer at my church.

Beth Schweitzer
Licensed Sales Producer

My number one priority is and will always be to help our customers receive the best coverage and to properly understand their benefits in a time of need. I grew up on an island in Lake Erie, some might know it as Put-In-Bay or South Bass Island. Classes were small and combined when I was a kid, about five people in my class and combined with the next grade up about ten of us all together. I love being able to help people and guide them in making the right choices to ensure their family. I’m in love with nature, walking through the grass barefoot, hiking, sitting under the moon and the stars. On the weekends you can usually find me find me with friends grilling out and having a bonfire or taking a weekend getaway to Put-In-Bay with the family to comb the beach for beach glass.

Jake Ruprecht
Licensed Sales Producer

I am proud to be aLicensed Sales Producer for the Cody Ickes Agency. I received my BBA in Finance with coursework in insurance. I grew up in the great Mid-West, in the greater Cleveland area. I personally really enjoy being able to educate and help people better understand their insurance needs while also providing them and their family with the coverage needed to better protect their loved ones and hard-earned assets. One thing I really enjoy to do in my free time is finding the best spots in town to get a bite to eat. If you ever have any suggestions, send them my way! When I’m not working you can find me at a local show or taking a hike with my better half. My guilty pleasure is one with lots of colors and creativity. Art is a great interest of mine from painting to producing music. Volunteering is something I’ve always been passionate about. I think it is important to give back to the community because it gives us an opportunity to relate and build a relationship with those surrounding us. From helping at soup kitchens to working with habitat for humanity, it’s the little things that go a long way.